250 bottles of premium ale made with the barley you have nurtured from seed

From seed to bottle, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in the whole experience

Ear 2 Beer competition entry

Malting your barley

We’ll take 60kg of your malting barley to Crisp Malting’s floor malting at Gt. Ryburgh in Norfolk. This floor malting is one of only a handful still operating in the UK and the malt it produces is highly prized by brewers worldwide.

Crisp Malting

Take a tour with us around Crisp Malting and come and watch your barley being processed into malt.

The journey continues to Beeston Brewery in Norfolk

Once your malt is produced, we’ll take it to Beeston Brewery where it will be brewed into beer.

The fun doesn’t end there…

Create the name and the label for your beer bottle

Working with the label designers at Beeston Brewery you get to create something unique for your beer. Maybe you want to name the beer after your farm, give it the family name. Maybe you want the label to feature a picture of the farm...it’s all down to you.


When it’s ready, we’ll then deliver it to you

Ear 2 Beer competition entry