Quest for Britain’s best malting barley launched Tuesday 14th April, 2015

The UK’s barley growers are being offered the chance to win their own branded beer in a competition aimed at finding Britain’s best malting barley crop.

In a partnership between BASF, Crisp Malting and Beeston Brewery, the aim of the competition is to find, and brew, the malting barley entries deemed to be of the highest quality in the eyes of a maltster.

“Three winning growers will be invited to name and design the labelling for their own 250 bottles of premium ale, made from their own barley,” explains Ruth Stanley, BASF agronomy manager. “Farmers who enter also have the chance to win an iPad mini 3 by uploading photos, videos and comments about the progress of their barley crop and experience with Adexar or one of our other Xemium fungicides throughout the season. The iPad will be awarded to the best storyteller”

“The winners will all spend a day at Crisp Malting and Beeston Brewery to see the whole production process first hand, taking in the extensive research undertaken by Crisp Malting on perfecting the raw ingredient supplied to their customers.”

The aim of the partners is to raise the awareness of how a barley crop needs to be managed during the growing season, to give the maltster and the brewer the technical specifications they need.

“Nitrogen and fungicide inputs have a big impact on determining whether a barley crop makes malting specification or not; we hope that this competition will raise awareness of how the crop should be managed and why it is needed,” Miss Stanley adds.

Beeston Brewery produces a range of craft ales, made from water abstracted from Norfolk chalk springs. Most of the company’s beer is supplied to Norfolk pubs in casks, but they also produce bottles and mini casks which are sold through local shops and direct from the brewery.

Crisp Malting is a privately owned business that has been producing malt since 1870. The company supplies whole grain and crushed cereals to brewing, distilling and food customers all over the world.

The winners of the competition will be announced in the autumn. Growers will be eligible to enter if they have used one or more of the fungicides Adexar, Ceriax, Imtrex, Librax, Pexan or Vortex on their barley.

To enter go to before 4pm on 31st July.


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