2014 independent trials confirm Adexar is not only your best option in wheat, it’s great in barley too.

Delivering outstanding control of Rhynchosporium, net blotch, brown rust and ramularia for high yields and quality grain for use in brewing and distilling.

HGCA fungicide performance trials demonstrate Adexar and Imtrex (straight xemium) are formidable fungicides against the key disease, Rhynchosporium, in barley.

Rhynchosporium : Protectant (2012/13/14 over year)

Adexar not only delivers outstanding disease protection in barley, it also delivers a range of AgCelence benefits too. You can expect more.

Adexar exhibits AgCelence benefits too – it’s much more than just a fungicide.

Adexar treated crops use 80t less water to produce 1t of grain

Adexar treated crops use resources more efficiently, even when crops come under stress.

Adexar reduces the opening of the stomata in the leaves of the crop so the plant loses less water, whilst the crop continues to photosynthesise and build yield. Adexar treated crops need ~80 tonnes less water than untreated crops to produce 1 tonne of grain.

Adexar treated crops have stronger stems to help prevent lodging

Crops treated with Adexar not only deliver extroadinary yields, they also exhibit extroadinary strength too.

Adexar increases the thickness of lower stems by 10%, reducing crop lodging. In 74 trials, Adexar has reduced crop lodging in 54% of cases. This is important to protect not only yield and profit, but also safe guard grain straw and grain quality.

2014 HGCA fungicide performance trials also highlight Adexar’s extroadinary activity on the crop to prevent brackling in barley.

Activity to prevent Brackling (Caythorpe 2014)

Adexar’s extroadinary strength was very evident in 2014

Crisp Malting Group Logo Test Plot

On this crop of Cassia winter barley on a farm in 2014, only xemium* treated plots remained upright.

Crisp Malting Group Logo Above: Untreated
Crisp Malting Group Logo Above: Xemium treated

On this crop of Ketos winter barley, lodging was reduced by xemium as a result of increased stem strength. See chart 1 below.

Xemium increased stem thickness at each internode of the crop.

Mean stem thickness

The mean stem thickness of untreated (check) and xemium treated barley

*xemium is the tradename for fluxapyroxad, the SDHI active ingredient in Adexar.

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